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  • breed is several centuries old, is derived from the same selective stock as other German hunting breeds and is a descendant of the Bloodhound, the Weimaraner is a good all-around hunting dog and an excellent pointer
  • is a moderately large, athletic, working dog
  • the medium-sized head has a moderate stop with a medial line going down the forehead
  • the short, smooth coat is tight against the whole body and comes in shades of mouse-gray to silver-gray, blending with darker shades on the body and lighter shades on the head and ears
  • all shades of gray are accepted, there is sometimes a small white marking on the chest
  • is happy, loving, intelligent, cheerful and affectionate
  • very hardy, with a good sense of smell, and a passionate worker, the Weimaraner can be used for all kinds of hunting
  • height: males 24 – 27 inches (61 – 69 cm) / females 22 – 25 inches (56 – 63 cm)
  • weight: males 55 – 70 pounds (25 – 32 kg) / females 50 – 65 pounds (23 – 29 kg) 
  • prone to bloat, hip dysplasia and hypertropic osteodystrophy
  • will do okay in an apartment if they are sufficiently exercised
  • life expectancy: about 10-14 years
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