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  • collageat the beginning of the 20th century,the English Toy Terrier was one of the most popular decorative dogs in Russia,however,in the period 1920 – 1950,shipping of toy terriers was almost stopped and the number of dogs fell to a critical level,only in the mid-fifties did Russian dog breeders begin the rebirth of the breed,practically all dogs which were used in breeding had no pedigrees,many of them were not of pure blood
  • on October 12,1958,two smooth-haired dogs,one of which had a slightly longer hair,gave life to a male dog with a spectacular fringe on its ears and limbs,the decision was made to keep this characteristic,the male was mated with a female dog which also had a slightly long hair,so the longhaired variant of the toy terrier appeared,it was called Moscow Longhaired Toy Terrier
  • also called Russkiy Toys,are toy-sized dogs
  • is one of the smallest breeds in the world,and it can be either longhaired or smooth-haired
  • has four long legs,a strong body,a long neck and a small head with a little muzzle,big smart eyes and large stand-up triangular ears
  • the Longhaired Russian Toy,also known as the Russian Toy Terrier and the Moscow Longhaired Toy Terrier is a copy of the smooth-haired variety and differs only because of the beautiful long fur on its ears
  • If you see a Longhaired Russian Toy you will be really impressed,short coat all over the body and these ears looking like a butterfly,you will never find another dog making such an effect!
  • both varieties can be crossed and have longhaired and smooth-haired pups at the same litter,however a couple of smooth-haired toys can give a longhaired pup in their litter (like at the very beginning of the breed) but two longhaired toys never-ever will give birth to a smooth-haired variety
  • the most widespread colors are black and tan,red (from light to deep) and sable in both long and smooth hair varieties,you may also find brown and tan,rare in Longhaired Russian Toys,and blue and tan,the rareest color
  • can have little white spots on the chest and toes and pets can be solid black,brown or blue (except red)
  • has a scissor bite – six incisors on upper and lower jaws are desirable
  • agile,hardy,lifetime devoted to the owner—this is how Russian Toy owners describe their dogs,small,elegant dog,tall on legs,of square build
  • height 8 – 10 inches (20 – 26 cm)
  • weight 3 – 6 pounds (1.3 – 2.7 kg)
  • good for apartment life
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