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  • is a breed of dog originating in Westphalia, a region of Germany, their distinctive narrow heads and long ears set them apart from other types of hounds, and may show influence of the Greyhound or the ancient Celtic hounds, the St. Hubert’s Hound (Bloodhound) may have contributed to the Bracke’s voice, the distinctive call made by the dogs while chasing game
  • is a small hound
  • is distinguished by a long, somewhat narrow head, and a rectangular body, described as «elegant»
  • coat has hard, almost bristly, short fur, usually tricolor (red to yellow with a black mantle), with white markings called Bracken marks – a white muzzle, chest, legs, collar, and tip of the tail, and a blaze on the head
  • is usually used as running hounds, in packs, to hunt rabbits or foxes in a type of hunt called Brackade
  • no specific diseases or claims of extraordinary health have been documented for this breed
  • although it is a hunting dog it is affectionate and benefits from living with the family rather than in a kennel
  • is a very persistent tracking dog with a good sense of direction
  • height: 40 – 53 cm (16 – 21 ins) at the withers
  • weight: 10 – 18 kg
  • life expectancy: about 10 – 12 years
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