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  • an ancient breed, the Pulik crossed the plains into Hungary with the Magyars several thousand years ago where they were used as sheep dogs. Many shepherds seemed to prefer black dogs, but this was probably because they are easier to see among the flock
  • is a medium-sized, compact, square-looking dog with a unique, corded coat
  • body is fine-boned but fairly muscular
  • domed head is in proportion to the body, from the side should be egg-shaped, while from the front it will give a rounded appearance
  • a full adult coat can reach to the ground
  • some colors are not permitted in some countries, but in the U.K. black, any shade of gray, apricot (with or without a black mask) and the rarer white are all permissible
  • is a lively, cheerful little dog that is very loyal, is an excellent family pet and will adapt to most surroundings and circumstances
  • height: males 16 – 17½ inches (41 – 46 cm) / females 14½ – 16 inches (36 – 41 cm)
    (U.K. standard; slightly larger in the USA)
  • weight: males 25 – 35 pounds (11 – 16 kg) / females 20 – 30 pounds (9 – 14 kg)
  • there are no major health problems known within this breed
  • will adapt to almost any circumstance, be it an apartment or a farm, this breed is suited to all climates
  • life expectancy: about 12 or more years
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