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  • originated in Scandinavia and is one of the most ancient breeds, it is thousands of years old and has been around since the Stone Age, a  skeleton similar to today’s Norwegian Elkhound dating from 4000 to 5000 BC has been found, the breed is also highly prized as a sled dog,  name «Elkhound» is a direct translation from its original Norwegian name «Elghund,» meaning «moose dog.»
  • is a sturdy, medium-sized Spitz-type dog
  • body is short and squarely built
  • wedge-shaped head is broad at the ears
  • weather-resistant, double coat is thick and hard
  • coat is gray with black tips and a lighter undercoat and undersides with a black muzzle, ears, and tip of the tail, Norwegian Elkhound puppies are born black and turn gray when they are about a week old as their coat develops
  • it will greet family and friends it knows with enthusiasm, is alert, bold, loyal and friendly
  • height: males 19 – 21 inches (48 – 53 cm) / females 18 – 20 inches (46 – 51 cm)
  • weight: males 50 – 60 pounds (23 – 27 kg) / females 40 – 55 pounds (18 – 25 kg)
  • prone to hip dysplasia, pyotraumatic dermatitis and PRA
  • gains weight easily, do not over feed
  • will be okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised,  prefer cool climates
  • life expectancy: about 12-15 years
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