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  • the first Beagles date back to the 1500, English hunters would take packs of these dogs out on the hunt tracking rabbits, hare, pheasant, quail and other small animals, the breed probably originated as a cross between the Harrier and other types of English hounds, the dogs have since become one of the most popular breeds in the USA, the breed can hunt alone, in pairs or in packs, the name «Beagle» may have come from the French term «be’geule» which means “gape throat,” referring to the dogs baying voice
  • is a sturdy, hardy little hound dog that looks like a miniature Foxhound
  • body is squarely-built while the skull is fairly long and slightly domed
  • coat is of medium length, close, hard, sleek and easy to care for
  • any hound-type of coloring is acceptable including lemon, tricolor, black and tan, red and white, orange and white or lemon and white, blue tick and red tick
  • is loving, sweet and gentle, happy to see everyone, greeting them with a wagging tail, is sociable, brave and intelligent
  • height: males 14 – 16 inches (36 – 41cm) / females 13 – 15 inches (33 – 38cm)
    there are two height classes, 13 – 15 inches (33 – 38 cm) and under 13 inches (33 cm)
  • weight: males 22 – 25 pounds (10 – 11 kg) / females 20 – 23 pounds (9 – 10 kg)
  • prone to epilepsy, heart disease, eye and back problems
  • will do okay in an apartment if they get plenty of chances to be outdoors
  • life expectancy: about 12-15 years
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  • Kennel’s name / Επωνυμία Εκτροφείου
  • Breeder’s Full name / Ονοματεπώνυμο Ιδιοκτήτη
  • Registration number of FCI / Αριθμός Καταχώρησης FCI
  • Breed of the dog ( analytically if are more than one ) / Φυλές (αναλυτικά αν είναι πάνω από μια)
  • Official Web site / Το site σας
  • Contact Email / Email επικοινωνίας
  • Photo of your kennel / Φωτογραφία του εκτροφείου σας
  • Social media accounts / Μέσο κοινωνικής δικτύωσης  (σελίδα ή προσωπικό λογαριασμό)
  • Some informations about you and or your kennel / Πληροφορίες σχετικές με εσάς ή το εκτροφείο σας

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