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  • this breed was created through selective breeding of the Grand Bleu de Gascogne for smaller size, in order to hunt small quarry, its country of origin is France, it is rarer than its cousin the Grand Bleu de Gascogne
  • has a thick, dense coat
  • ears are low set, thicker and less curled than its cousin the Grand Bleu de Gascogne
  • long head is refined looking
  • chest is deep, providing ample space for the large lungs
  • forelegs are surprisingly strong in relation to the rest of the body, the thighs are flat but have powerful muscles
  • feet are oval and fairly long with black pads and tan hair
  • has a superior nose and is an excellent hound that can follow the faintest of scents
  • height: 20 – 23 inches (50 – 60 cm)
  • weight: 40 – 48 pounds (18 – 22 kg)
  • is not recommended for apartment life
  • he loves a good run and needs a lot of exercise, however, if he picks up an interesting scent, you may find it difficult to get his attention
  • life expectancy: about 12 years
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