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  • the Cane Corso Italiano is the original Cane Corso breed, it originated in Italy, its direct ancestor is the «Canis Pugnax» (the old Roman Molossian), of which he is the light version employed in the hunting of large wild animals and also as an «auxiliary warrior» in battles
  • his name derives from the Latin «Cohors» which means «guardian,» «protector», is a medium-big size dog, strongly built but elegant, with powerful and long muscles
  • the general conformation is that of a mesomorphic animal whose body is longer than the height at the withers, harmonious as regards the form and disharmonious as regards the profile
  • the head mustn’t have wrinkles
  • coat is short hair but not smooth, with vitreous texture, shiny, adherent, stiff, very dense, with a light layer that becomes thicker in winter (but never crops up on the covering hair)
  • color: black, plum-gray, slate, light gray, blue/gray, light fawn, deer fawn, dark fawn and tubby (very well marked stripes on different shades of fawn and gray)
  • very loyal, willing to please and quiet around the house, the Cane Corso is highly intelligent and very trainable, docile and affectionate with the owner, they are protective yet gentle
  • its ears are much more sensitive than the rest of its body
  • height:  males 24 – 27 inches (64 – 68 cm) / females 23 – 25 inches (60 – 64 cm)
  • weight:  males 99 – 110 pounds (45 – 50 kg) / females 88 – 99 pounds (40 – 45 kg)
  • is a robust dog with typical bone and joint problems of the giant breeds
  • will do okay in an apartment if it gets enough exercise
  • life expectancy: about 10-11 years
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  • Registration number of FCI / Αριθμός Καταχώρησης FCI
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