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  • is a black and tan hound, built for tracking and chasing hare that is indigenous to Greece,it has existed for thousands of years and its progenitors are the ancient laconikoi (later: lagonikoi, where lagos=hare) kynes (dogs) native in southern Greece (Peloponessus), descendants of the ancient Greek scenthounds can be found all over Europe and beyond. In its country of origin the breed had no competition and due to its isolation in inaccessible and often mountainous areas the breed remained pure and little changed
  • is of medium size and shaped by function rather than fashion
  • is a prototypical hunter that uses its fine nose and high average speed to track and catch its prey
  • there are no extremes in its conformation: athletic, robust and of normal proportions, the Hellenikos Ichnilatis is slightly longer than tall, with taught skin and short, sleek hair
  • predominately black with tan markings (there are no specific limitations as to the tan markings, apart from the fact that the color should be rich and discoloration is a very serious type fault), a small white spot is tolerated on the chest 
  • has a regular scissor bite and the eye rims should be tight, showing no haw
  • brave, outgoing, intelligent and sometimes impatient, this breed is a passionate hunter but it is never vicious
  • weight: 38 – 44 pounds (17 – 20 kg)
  • height: 18 – 22 inches (45 – 55 cm)
  • has an excellent health record
  • certainly not a choice for the apartment dweller, this is an open-air breed that shows excellent manners when its needs are catered for
  • life expectancy: about 11 years
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