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  • all European mastiffs are descended from the Tibetan Mastiff, the most ancient member of the canine species, the first Asian mastiffs were probably brought to Greece from India by Alexander the Great around 300 BC, the Greeks introduced the dogs to the Romans, who adopted them enthusiastically and used them in circus combats, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a direct descendant of the Roman Molossus, while the breed became extinct throughout the rest of Europe, it continued to survive in Campania, despite the perils of weather and war, one can therefore say that the Neapolitan Mastiff has existed in Campania for two thousand years, even though it was not officially recognized until 1946, and its standard was not set until 1949, the Neapolitan Mastiff was bred for use in war and in bloody Roman arena spectacles
  • is a serious, powerful dog
  • body of this massive, rather rectangular looking dog has abundant, hanging wrinkles and folds on the head and a very large dewlap
  • wide, flat head is large in comparison to the rest of the body
  • straight, dense, short coat comes in gray, blue, black, chocolate, mahogany and tawny, sometimes with brindle and white markings, chocolate dogs are rare
  • this breed looks a bit intimidating, but is actually affectionate, calm, peaceful and loving, they enjoy family and friends, this breed is a heavy drooler, particularly in hot weather or after getting a drink
  • height: males 26 – 30 inches (65 – 75 cm) / females 24 – 28 inches (60 – 70 cm)
  • weight: up to 165 pounds (74 kg), the largest male Neapolitans may be nearly 200 pounds (90 kg)
  • prone to cherry eye, hip dysplasia, bloat, pano-ostiosis (joint pain from growth can occur at 4-18 months and usually goes away on its own), extra caution in warm weather to provide shade, water and a cool place to lie
  • will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised
  • life expectancy: up to 10 years 
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