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  • the modern Cirneco is a Sicilian breed, very similar in structure and appearance, but somewhat smaller (43–51 cm (17–20 in)) than the Kelb tal-Fenek, there are a number of breeds similar to the Pharaoh Hound in the Mediterranean area, including the Cirneco in Sicily, each breed is slightly different with physical characteristics that match the terrain the dogs hunt on, it is not clear whether those breeds have descended from the same ancestral lines, or whether their similarities have developed due to similar environmental conditions
  • its build should be one of strength without bulkiness or excessive musculature
  • head is elegant without being fine or extreme
  • usually come in tan or chestnut colors
  • may blush at times when it is excited, it does not blush in its cheeks, but in its ears and noses
  • weight: up to 45-55 (20-25 kg)  pounds on average
  • height: males usually are 23-25″ (58-63 cm) / females are 21-24″ (53-60 cm)
  • were bred to hunt and think for themselves, and they have retained this trait
  • has sensitive skin, and shampoo (canine or human) may cause allergic reactions
  • as indoor dogs they are couch potatoes and need little «real» exercise
  • its ears are thin and prone to frostbite when in cold climates
  • is  very adept jumper, and fences meant to contain him must be more than five feet (1.52 metres) high, six feet (1.82 metres) or higher being preferable
  • life expectancy: about 12 to 14 years
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