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  • the area known as the foothills, located in Greece, is heavily populated with sheep, centuries ago, migrators from Turkey likely brought their sheepdogs with them as they traversed the land, and similarities between the Greek Sheepdog and the Turkish Akbash Dog lead one to believe that such a derivation is probable, years of breeding with local and semi-local stock produced the breed
  • is a medium to large size dog, with a solid body and great physical strength that is capable of escorting the flock and also fight with the enemy while maintaining its physical superiority
  • head is massive with its muzzle-skull
  • has a scissors or plane bite and is covered by fat and slightly loose lips
  • the double coat is dense and abundant. Coat colors include black, grayish-brown and white, the breed has never been bred for color, but rather for a heavy skeleton, good muscle, and a dense, semi-long to long coat
  • Greek Sheepdog is an independent, brave, decisive, loyal, working dog, with a high sense of duty and strong protective instinct toward animals and its environment
  • he may appear calm, but he is ready to protect at all costs at any time
  • height: males 25 – 29 inches (65 – 75 cm) / females 23 – 26 inches (60 – 68 cm)
  • weight: males 84 – 110 pounds (38 – 50 kg) / females 70 – 92 pounds (32 – 42 kg)
  • usually in good health
  • is capable of moving all day under difficult weather conditions, in inaccessible areas and with minimum demands for food and facing the wild beasts that threaten the flocks by running after them and fighting them
  • life expectancy: about 12 years
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  • Registration number of FCI / Αριθμός Καταχώρησης FCI
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