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  • the Bichon Havanese originated in Cuba from an earlier breed known as Blanquito de la Habana (also called Havanese Silk Dog—a now extinct breed), in the 19th century, the Cubans took to liking the French and German Poodles, which were crossed with the existing Blanquito to create today’s Bichon Havanese
  • if never primped, clipped or altered in any way, the Havanese gives a rugged impression in a little dog
  • the profuse coat varies from wavy to curly to corded
  • is a double-coated breed with soft hair, both on the outer coat and undercoat, the adult coat reaches 6 to 8 inches, and has a pearly sheen, some Havanese carry a shorthaired recessive gene
  • comes in any color, including cream, gold, white, silver, blue and black, also parti and tricolor
  • black and chocolate are preferred colors with many North American breeders, chocolate also has green or amber eyes
  • is natural companion dogs, gentle and responsive, it becomes very attached to its human families and is excellent with children
  • height:  8 – 11 inches (20 – 28 cm)
  • weight: 7 – 13 pounds (3 – 6 kg)
  • is a very healthy long-lived breed, however, all long-lived breeds eventually have health problems
  • is good for apartment life
  • this playful little dog has an average demand for exercise
  • life expectancy: about 14-15 years
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