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  • originating in Switzerland, the Schweizer Niederlaufhunde, or Small Swiss Hound, is a smaller version of the Swiss Hound, there are four varieties of the Small Swiss Hound which vary only in color, at the turn of the century, the sport of shoots (hunting grounds) was introduced into several Swiss Cantons, the popular medium-sized Swiss Hounds (Schweizer Laufhunde) were too fast for enclosed shoots, so it was decided to replace them with smaller short-legged scenthounds, the new smaller breed, bred through planned selection of stock and suitable crossing, was called “Niederlaufhund (“short-legged scenthound”), it is relatively low on leg, with attractive coat colors similar to those of the medium-sized Swiss Hounds (Schweizer Laufhunde)
  • it has a cry when hunting and searching that is music to a handler’s ears, this breed has a very passionate determination to find game and to do track work
  • there are four varieties that differ only in color, they are as follows:
    1.Small Bernese Hound (Berner Niederlaufhund) – black and white with tan markings over the eyes, often considered tricolor, this variety has two coat types, smooth and rough, the rough coat has a coarse-haired, harsh, single coat with a small beard on the face
    2.Small Jura Hound (Jura Niederlaufhund) – smooth single coat, black with tan markings above the eyes, with some white
    3.Small Lucerne Hound (Luzerner Niederlaufhund) – smooth white coat speckled with grey or black to give a blue appearance, with black patches and tan marks over the eyes
    4.Small Schwyz Hound (Schwyzer Niederlaufhund) – smooth white coat with yellow-red to orange-red patches
  • this medium-sized breed is a smaller version of the “Swiss Hound” type Schweizer Laufhund, it is rectangular in shape, moderately long and well built
  • when seen from the front, the head is rather long and slender, gradually getting broader toward the cheeks
  • possesses a soft undercoat covered by a dense, hard outer coat
  • is a hunting dog in the most specific meaning of the word, it is able to hunt on difficult terrain, it has an excellent nose, driving the game with great determination
  • friendly, companionable, reliable and strong, it makes an excellent companion
  • height: 13 – 17 inches tall (33 – 43cm) by 36 – 42 inches long (91 – 106 cm)
  • weight: 18 – 33 pounds (8 – 15 kg)
  • generally a healthy breed
  • needs grass, trees and dirt, it is not a city or apartment dog
  • life expectancy: about 12-14 years 
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