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  • some say that this medium-sized, robust sheepdog evolved from ancient, corded herding dogs from the Hungarian plains, which were bred with other small, long-coated mountain herders, and more recent, shaggy herders, such as the Scottish Bearded Collie and Dutch Schapendoes, it is also said to have Tibetan Terrier and Lhasa Apso in its blood
  • is a medium sized, shaggy working dog
  • head is moderately broad and slightly domed
  • teeth meet in a level bit
  • has a long, wirehaired coat with a soft under-layer, all coat colors are permitted, but white with gray or black, or plain gray are more common
  • has a lot of hair on its forehead, cheeks, chin and legs
  • will make the owner happy. it learns quickly and is very willing to please, however, it can be willful if it senses it is stronger minded than its owner
  • height: 16 – 20 inches (41 – 51 cm)
  • weight: 30 – 35 pounds (14 – 16 kg)
  • is a fairly hardy breed
  • can live in an apartment if it gets plenty of exercise and has a job to do, prefers cool climates
  • life expectancy: about 12-15 years
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  • Breeder’s Full name / Ονοματεπώνυμο Ιδιοκτήτη
  • Registration number of FCI / Αριθμός Καταχώρησης FCI
  • Breed of the dog ( analytically if are more than one ) / Φυλές (αναλυτικά αν είναι πάνω από μια)
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  • Photo of your kennel / Φωτογραφία του εκτροφείου σας
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