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  • the Newfoundland may be a descendant of the Viking «bear dogs» or nomadic Indian dogs, others believe the Newfoundland is a close relative of the Labrador, many believe the Newfoundland originated from crosses between Tibetan Mastiffs brought to Canada by British or European fisherman and local dogs early in the 1700s, in any case, the resulting breed found a niche aiding fisherman off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada
  • is a strong, massive dog
  • the head is broad and heavy with a slightly arched crown
  • teeth meet in a level or scissors bite
  • the double coat is flat and water-resistant
  • coat colors include black (most common), black with blue highlights, black with white markings, brown, gray, and white with black markings known as a Landseer
  • calm, patient dog that is mild with guests and obedient with its master
  • height: males 27 – 29 inches (69 – 74 cm) / females 25 – 27 inches (63 – 69 cm)
  • weight: males 130 – 150 pounds (59 – 68 kg) / females 100 – 120 pounds (45 – 54 kg)
  • prone to a hereditary heart disease called sub-aortic stenosis (SAS) and hip dysplasia
  • will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised
  • newfies prefer colder climates and do not do well in the heat
  • life expectancy : 9 – 15 years, average 10
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