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  • in the 1920s the Argentine Dogo was developed in Argentina, the breeds that were used in the development were the Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, Pointer, Great Dane,Dogue de Bordeaux, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Bulldog, Bull Terrier and a now extinct mastiff-type breed called the Dog of Cordoba, the result was a bullish, fearless hunter who also had great stamina
  • is also called the Argentinian Mastiff or Argentine Dogo
  • is a large, well-muscled dog
  • there is an abundance of skin on the muscular neck
  • head is massive with a rounded shape from front to the back
  • teeth should meet in a scissors bite
  • sometimes the Dogo Argentino can have a black spot on the head known as «pirata.» , this trait in the Dogo´s coat is accepted by Federacion Cinologica Argentina
  • is a loyal dog who makes a great guardian of the home and family
  • playful and very good with children, it gives kisses and cuddles
  • height:  24 – 27 inches (61 – 69 cm)
  • weight:  80 – 100 pounds (36 – 45 kg)
  • will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised and does best with at least an average-sized yard
  • be sure to bring the Dogo inside when temperatures drop below freezing
  • life expectancy: about 10-12 years
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