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  • Papillon is one of the oldest breeds of dog, with a recorded history in Europe going back nearly 700 years, the breed originally only had dropped ears and was called the «epagneul nain» or «dwarf spaniel», Papillon means «butterfly» in French
  • is a small, fine-boned dog
  • the small head is slightly rounded between the ears with a well-defined stop
  • hair on the ears is long and fringed, giving it a butterfly-like look
  • the straight, long, fine, single coat has extra frill on the chest, ears, back of the legs and the tail
  • coat color is white with patches of any color except for liver, a mask of a color other than white covers both ears and eyes from back to front
  • affectionate, gentle, patient, and proud, it loves to cuddle and enjoys a good romp outdoors
  • height:  males 8 – 11 inches (20 – 28 cm) / females 8 – 11 inches (20 – 28 cm)
  • weight:  males 8 – 10 pounds (4 – 5 kg)  / females 7 – 9 pounds (3 – 4 kg)
  • sometimes prone to problems with the kneecaps (patella) in the hind legs, this can sometimes be corrected by surgery
  • although they can be good city dogs, they are sometimes not good apartment dogs, because the dog has a strong instinct to protect their property, and many will bark excessively at nearby noises, not making the distinction between casual noises and those worthy of real alarm
  • need a daily walk
  • life expectancy: some as long as 16 years
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  • Kennel’s name / Επωνυμία Εκτροφείου
  • Breeder’s Full name / Ονοματεπώνυμο Ιδιοκτήτη
  • Registration number of FCI / Αριθμός Καταχώρησης FCI
  • Breed of the dog ( analytically if are more than one ) / Φυλές (αναλυτικά αν είναι πάνω από μια)
  • Official Web site / Το site σας
  • Contact Email / Email επικοινωνίας
  • Photo of your kennel / Φωτογραφία του εκτροφείου σας
  • Social media accounts / Μέσο κοινωνικής δικτύωσης  (σελίδα ή προσωπικό λογαριασμό)
  • Some informations about you and or your kennel / Πληροφορίες σχετικές με εσάς ή το εκτροφείο σας

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