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  • is a 4000-year-old breed, not much is known on the true origin, but many believe the Tibetan Mastiff is a forefather
  • is a very large, muscular, Mastiff-type dog
  • there is no real stop from forehead to muzzle
  • body is a bit longer than tall
  • coat comes in two varieties, long and short
  • is good with all members of his own family, however, he should be supervised with children
  • height: males 27 – 32 inches (65 – 78 cm) / females 24
  • 27 inches (60 – 69 cm)
  • weight: males 121 – 176 pounds (55 – 79 kg) / females 88 – 143 pounds (40 – 65 kg)
  • some males are even larger, there is NO maximum height or weight for this breed
  • prone to hip and elbow problems that require screening for all genetic related disorders commonly found in large breeds
  • small living conditions can lead to boredom
  • even with lots of exercise these dogs like to be outdoors watching over their territory
  • life expectancy : can live from 12-14 years in its native countries, however, they live closer to 10 years due to poor vet care and the lifestyle they lead
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