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  • they crossed the Bulldog with the Old English Terrier, adding in some Spanish Pointer blood, the result was the Bull Terrier breed, the Miniature was developed to have the same qualities as the Standard Bull Terrier but with a more manageable size, the Standard Bull Terrier was first recognized by the AKC in 1885 and the Miniature Bull Terrier in 1991, while the AKC sees the Standard Bull Terrier and the Miniature Bull Terrier as separate breeds, the standard requirements are the same except for size
  • is a strongly built, muscular dog
  • body is well rounded with a short, strong back
  • the head is long and strong, oval-looking in shape, almost flat at the top, sloping evenly down to the nose with no stop
  • coat is dense, short, flat and harsh to the touch, the AKC recognizes two color varieties, the White Bull Terrier and the Colored Bull Terrier
  • the White Bull Terrier is allowed to have colored markings on the head, but nowhere else on the body, the Colored Bull Terriers may be black, brindle, black-brindle, red, fawn and tricolor with white markings
  • though this breed was once a fierce gladiator, he is much gentler now
  • they become very attached to their owners
  • Standard Bull Terrier
    height: 20 – 24 inches (51 – 61 cm) / weight: 45 – 80 pounds (20 – 36 kg)
  • Miniature Bull Terrier
    height: 10 – 14 inches (25 – 33 cm) / weight: up to 24 – 33 pounds (11 – 15 kg)
  • prone to slipped patella, to suffer from a zinc deficiency, which can cause death
  • do not overfeed, gains weight easily
  • life expectancy : about 10-12 years
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