Ονοματεπώνυμο Ιδιοκτήτη: Buru Paula Si Geea
Αρ.Καταχώρησης F.C.I.: N°50 / 06.11.1996 / GB
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Love for dogs …

this is how our story started!

Desire of having a beautiful dog in our yard, a dog to be proud of when he grows up, persist from childhood. So, in 2010, we decided that we are prepared to have a Newfoundland (Terra Nova) – Manu – but the initial plan was diverted when we sow the brown variety and we fell in love hopelessly by Indie too.

As days goes by, seeing the beauty and the special refinement of these dogs raising, we decided that we can not stop here. So was born what we called today Shadow of Heaven, a young kennel, located în Giroc, România.

Newfoundland (Terra Nova) dogs deserve to be admired not only for their exterior beauty, but also because of temperament and unmistakable elegance  that characterizes them.

Our goal is to provide for interested persons, large breed, correct conformation and movement, typical head, good pigmentation, specific temperament and elegance.

The Newfoundlands that we own are an example of devotion and unconditional love.

For any information regarding our dogs and possible litters, no not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and we invite you to meet „our children”!


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